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I don’t remember who said the quote about Economics, but I’m sure he or she is right. I have no problem spending significant money to buy a hand-made rug, but I can’t spend $1200 on a snowblower. Is it because I’ve reached middle age without having a machine to move snow? Most of the time I stick to “god put it there; god will take it away,” but in Wisconsin, several inches of snow is common and even all-wheel drive isn’t magic. Especially when trying to muscle through the frozen wall the street plow plastered to the bottom of the driveway. And you HAVE to clean in front of the mail box or risk the nasty-gram from the mail carrier.

Now my lower back hurts and I detest “my back hurts” whiners. I know it’s moving the snow this winter and being 55. Thankfully, I have a neighbor with a plower and blower attached to his John Deere lawn tractor, and I’m pretty sure he enjoys using it in the snow. He usually cleans up the bottom of my driveway and in front of the mailbox (Thanks, Keith!!), but he can’t go up my steep driveway. I appreciate what he does, though, but it’s only stalling the inevitable. sigh.