One of my esteemed collegues from Tuesdays with Story, my writing group said my latest poems were “fighting below my weight class.” God, I hate it when they’re right. I said on a previous blog that they always critique on target. When I submit poems that I’m not happy with; they’re not happy with them either. So, I’m going to line this feedback with silver lamé . (1). My assessment of a good poem is on-track with a reader’s assessment. My gut feeling is a good gauge. (2). The group will always tell me what they felt was missing or lacking in the poem. They tell me if it feels complete, and they tell me what reaction the poem caused. This can help me fix it. (3). This tells me I’m better at writing than these particular poems show. I’ve produced better that they’ve read, and they hold me to a higher standard. Thank you, my fellows. May the muses move in next door and bring ambrosia to your potluck dinners.