Things I wish I could write a poem about but can’t.  Yet.

tiepolo_mandolinwhat if classic poets had a slumber party?
how I feel during the mandolin part of Maggie Mae
getting stabbed by your underwire
being upside down – beyond our apriopic sensors
women’s bathroom etiquette
dyslexia, but I’m not dyslesxic. I just know quite a few.
jr. high moments v. senior moments (e.g., should I call him? v. why did I pick up the phone?)
If Buddha lived today, would he ride a Harley?
what’s in this container at the back of the fridge?
koan answers
how siblings fight (nuh-uh! uh-huh! Mom!)
princess hair (or mermaid hair)
wave dynamics
stealing Robbie Robertson’s bottle of rain
writing without chocolate