I had no big plans for this weekend except napping. Reading goes well with napping; you just don’t get a lot of reading done. Deliberate naps are better than accidental ones. Accidental naps leave your neck cricked and drool running out the corner of your mouth, like the old men left in the nursing home hallway. Deliberate naps require first a decision, then a pillow and an afghan (ideally, home-made). They require you to be horizontal. Cats are optional.

It’s noon Sunday now, and still relatively quiet around the neighborhood. One neighbor was painting a small privacy fence with an electric paint sprayer, but she’s done now. For me, quiet is essential to a nap (all sleeping actually). I’ve made lunch, updated a poem with a thought from late last night, and crossed off my few Sunday tasks. Once I post this I’m off to the hypnagogic state.