Synchronistic forces in the universe have been at work lately. This phrase, “a big life,” keeps showing up. It’s the kind of phrase that I have an idea of, but not from first-hand experience, I think. Well, maybe to some others I have a big life. My friend, Jan, says it means living fully and allowing the experience of the moment to envelope you. This includes joy as well as sorrow, frustration and fear, too. Everything.
I think it means expanding beyond your internal life as much as you can. Internal life always takes you to the past or to the future. I think it means doing all the things you want to do — crossing off items on your big to-do list.
Intestingly, there’s not much out there to be googled on the subject, except (ironically) a blog enty about the lack of google hits on living a big life. There was a blog called, “Live a Big Life,” but it’s gone now except for the internet’s amazing memory. (I clicked on it, so that will help keep it around a while longer.)