April finally! And a warm-ish day (finally). Although nothing is green, yet. The dafodills are groaning their way through the snow-soaked ground.

I subscribe to a writer’s prompt email from Poets & Writers magazine that regularly offers unique pespective shifts and ideas for writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. This week it pushed me more than usual with this prompt:

Poetry Prompt
Choose a poem–a classic work or something you’ve newly discovered–and memorize it. As you do so, note the rhythms, sounds, and structure that help you remember it. To test your memory, and in honor of National Poetry Month, consider reciting it to a friend in person, leaving a recording of it on a friend’s voice mail, or sending an audio file of it to one or more friends via e-mail.

Feeling semi-brave and semi-vulnerable here is a reading of my poem, “Dream of Bamboo.” You will probably have to download it to open it.