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My New Year’s resolution this year was to send two postcards each week.  I have kept up with it.  Each Friday I send one to my friend, Janet, and one to someone else.  The someone else varies each week.  I’ve even sent them to random Waunakee addresses. nouvelle images tea

This week’s card is one of the beautiful postcard images from Nouvelles Images.

Each week I add a line from a poem or a quote that reflects the image.

This week I wrote a haiku:

A blue teapot still

warm from the stove and your hand

witness to our stories.

Time to go mail them.


Here’s a fun blog that has all the posts written in haiku.

Very clear and economical: three lines and you’re done.

March Haiku


Snow fall in late march

robins fluff and flounce confused

what is this white stuff?


Squirrels cheek the feed corn

fuel to race around the tree

for spring’s courtship dance.


Garage grit and salt

sweep it out week after week

winter’s loathsome chore.


©Copyright 2009 Pat Edwards