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I’ve created some short poems to use at the end of my morning walks as a walking meditation.  I’ve found they’re good when I’m spazzing out a bit, too.  They’re excellent to shut the voices down and foster deep, slow breaths.  I’ve used them at work, too.  No one seems to mind (or notice, even) that I’m slow walking a hallway, talking to myself.

This first one is direct from Thich Nhat Hanh, (Tay) the Buddhist Teacher.

“I have arrived; I am home
in the here, in the now.
I am solid; I am free,
in the ultimate I dwell.”

 The second one I created as part of a Third Step.

“I decide, again today
I turn over my will; I turn over my self
to love, to love.
What shall I do then, as love?”

This last one I wrote based on a quote from Tay and a much longer poem by Dr. Barbara De Angelis, “Soften Your Heart.”  It’s a great poem, but too long for me to remember on a walk.  I love the rhythm Tay has set.  I’m happy I build on it.

“Feelings come; feelings go
like clouds in a windy sky.
My breath is my anchor.
I soften; I soften and let love arise.”