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What it is, by Lynda  Barry is just PHENOMENAL.  The INSIDE of the book is even more AMAZING than the OUTSIDE – and not just because there are SO MANY PAGES! 

Lynda Barry

Go buy this book!

I borrowed it from the library, then realized I wanted to keep it FOREVER.  I could either steal the library copy, but I’m a FRIEND of the library, so that would really look bad, or I could buy a copy.  So I bought a copy today, and I paid full price for it, too.  But really it’s a very small price to pay for spending so much time on Lynda’s Planet.  She’s a PRETTY cheap date, actually.

This book is the PERFECT catalyst for any writer.  Just keep flipping around in it; I can’t bring myself to start at the beginning and work through it methodically. 

I’m STILL trying to figure out page 29, “what is between our inside and our outside”.  There’s no question mark.