It’s September 1st, and I’m trying today to recapture the feeling of “first day of school.”  Mostly I’m just irritated that I’m trapped behind a school bus on the way to work.
I spent the summer moving. Over Memorial Day weekend I decided to move, then spent the next two weeks repainting (neutralizing) and doing a few little fixes. I got lucky with the sale: I listed it on Monday and sold it by that weekend. I had to crank to find somewhere new to live and close on it.  Houses were selling fast in the Madison area (contrary to the death-knell sounded by the media), but I found one and was able to close just two weeks after my sale. The new place has some “dressed in the 70’s” issues (yes, country-stripe wallpaper was fashionable once), but I’ve chomped through most of those already.  Big thanks to a friend who was immeasurably helpful, handy and clever — and a tireless worker (at 55!).  Labor Day weekend I’m going to demolish a Rube Goldberg-esque storage and workbench mess in the garage.  If I bust it hard at the beginning of the weekend, there may be a nap on the deck waiting for me on Monday.  A girl’s gotta dream.

With the major work out of the way, it’s back to writing daily, too.